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  1. Kittens in the Ceiling

    Dotsie is helping me type this story.  Dotsie is a cat, and as anyone with a cat knows, they love to help out by walking around on the keyboard.  Dotsie got her name because she has two distinctive dots on her pretty face, while her sister Foosball, who looks almost exactly like Dotsie, is dot-less.  […]

  2. A Modest Proposal to Fix Health Costs

    “A Modest Proposal to Fix Health Costs” is a second-place contest winner. Stand down.  Steven Brill was just the messenger.  Brill didn’t invent the stomach-turning revelations laid out in his 2013 TIME cover story “Bitter Pill – Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.”  Brill bared the ugly facts via diligent sleuthing, but it’s hard to […]

  3. Social Media: Good or Bad?

    We’ve heard the pros and cons.  Social media has been called everything from de facto democracy to ceaseless selfie.  What if three great minds could get together and debate the issue?  That’s the idea I pitched to Hollywood.  Every word of dialogue in the following screenplay is authentic, except for those of your humble host, […]

  4. You Say You Want a Revolution?

    ♫  You say you want a revolution.  Well you know, we all want to change the world. ♫  You say you’ve got a real solution.  Well you know, we’d all love to see the plan. I’m not sure how I feel about revolutions, but I do have a plan.  It’s disheartening to peer out over […]