Laws of Attraction

In 2009, CNN aired a story called “The Laws of Sexual Attraction,” in which sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman stated that, “We are innately all puppies in heat.  There’s a whole realm of unconscious scents that we’re not even aware we’re smelling.”  She tells us that women can smell a man’s testosterone level, that men can smell when a woman is fertile, and that there’s a difference between love and raw chemistry (ya think?).  In one study Berman had women smell men’s T-shirts, and found they were most attracted to the shirts of men with a different major histocompatability complex (MHC) than themselves.  (MHC is a collection of genes related to the immune system.)  According to Berman, “We unconsciously want to mate with someone who has a different immune system than ours, because that helps with the survival of our offspring.”  And what could be steamier than that?

Pop Quiz for Women:  Prior to sex, which manly attributes do you take into consideration (check all that apply)?    ☐His jawline    ☐His torso     ☐His body hair    ☐His penis     ☐His major histocompatability complex.

Pop Quiz for Men:  Prior to sex, which womanly attributes do you take into consideration (check all that apply)?    ☐She’s breathing.

Science has revealed that men and women are different.  Whereas women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place.